The Time Freedom Masterclass

Meet Gaëlle Berruel

Founder of A Rockstar Mindset and the Time Freedom Masterclass

Hi Gorgeous,

Let me introduce you to the Time Freedom Masterclass:

Always Have Time: 3 Ways To Ensure That Time Is Always On Your Side

The Time Freedom workshop that helps women leaders and spiritual corporate mavens to create a passionate career or business with less struggle & feeling more confident.


Do you procrastinate a lot?

Are you having a hard time staying focused?

Do you wish that someone will tell you how to get back your time without hustling?

Many people are very good at what they do but lack the time skills to reach their personal goals. I developed the Rockstar Woman Framework to teach others exactly how to use their time skills to their advantage and start changing their careers or creating their business with ease.

At this practical workshop, you'll learn :

  • The three wheels of overload that keep you stuck and stressed
  • How to reduce your overwhelm in 20 minutes or less
  • How to release with peace the two thieves of time
  • How to get back your time and freedom even if you don't know where to start
  • To say Adios to your mind gremlins with joy and love

What Women Are Saying

"Gaelle IS a total Rockstar. She is one of the most positive people I have ever met. She inspires me to be the best I can be. I strongly recommend you sign up for her event. I know she can change your life.”

- Gayle Gruenberg, Chief Executive Organizer, founder of Let's Organized and International Speaker

"Gaelle Berruel is born for the stage! Not only does she deliver great content, but most importantly, she is truly authentic and passionate, and that shows when she engages with her audience. She deeply cares, and she walks her talk. She wants you to crush it and develop a ‘Rockstar Mindset’. Gaelle has the gift of motivating people, as her message comes straight from her heart."

- Michaela Koelbl, Confidence Coach for Women and Leadership Expert

"I have had the privilege of seeing Gaëlle at work and have been hugely impressed by her mastery of the content she delivers. She comes across not just as informed, intelligent and perceptive, but also – and perhaps most importantly – as deeply authentic and caring. When she says she wants to help, boy, can you believe her!"

- Jackie Wilson, Copywriter and Editor