Meet Gaëlle Berruel

Founder of A Rockstar Woman Summit and A Rockstar Mindset

Hi Gorgeous,

You may wonder:

What is the Rockstar Woman Summit?

It's a festival

A festival of inspiration, motivation and empowerment for women leaders


you'll learn cutting-edge strategies, tips and hacks from powerhouses to rediscover your agency and power and thrive during challenging times with ease, excellence and elegance.

And this is not the end of it!

I have a panel of powerhouses, brilliant as to what they do to inspire, motivate, and empower YOU to escape the struggle and rediscover your personal agency and power!



For two weeks, we will celebrate and support you.

November will knock on your door very soon, but 2022 is not yet done. We still have the chance to make this year OURS, which is what we will do at the Rockstar Woman Summit by showing you how to rediscover your (personal) power and agency.

This time with advanced principles and strategies to give you this edge and joy to thrive despite challenging times.

This is the key to being unfuckwithable Gorgeous, and you are entitled to feel this way now. This is your prerogative. Let’s do this together.

Imagine yourself cosy on your sofa with a nice cuppa in your hands, and learn the secret strategies, principles and move-needlers to re-align with your agency and power to succeed despite challenging times.

Imagine yourself sighing with relief because you realise that feeling trapped is no longer something that you have to accept (because you have the solutions now.)


  • Learn what authentic confidence is
  • Discover the power of wellness
  • Discover why your intellect is getting in your way
  • Learn how to be seen, heard and respected/recognised
  • Tap into your body's wisdom for presence, power and peace
  • Feel motivated to take inspired/aligned actions
  • Feel empowered to become the woman leader you dream of being
  • Create a lifestyle on your terms

Gorgeous, it's free!

I went through an identity crisis, and I didn't have any roadmap. Saying that this journey was transformative is an understatement, but the beauty of it, I claimed back my agency and power left, right and centre.

My wellness and confidence changed the direction of my life, and I'm so grateful for that.

Gaëlle Berruel

The Rockstar Woman Summit


Say Adios Amigos to the hustle-bustle, pressure, and mind gremlins, and say Bonjour to ease, love and power.


  • 5 Guest Speakers
  • 6 Talks
  • Mini Q&A sessions with each guest speaker and guest
  • Confidence Week (7th -11th November)
  • Wellness Week (14th-18th November)
  • 2 Weeks with 2 Different Themes
  • Each theme articulated in 3 Sections
  • Each section is covered by a different guest speaker and expert on a specific day
  • Replays are available in A Rockstar Mindset private community for a limited time.

Gorgeous, this Summit has been created just for you.

Over +100 women attended the last Summit

Find out what our past Summit attendees have to say about their experience.

Oh my gosh, this is brilliant!

I can feel so much pressure to take on new habits because the world tells us, "this will make you feel good", so refreshing to remember you must give yourself permission to try. Thank you.

Melanie Peck

Such a brilliant range of speakers!

I’ve really LOVED what I’ve been able to attend at the summit so far, so thank u so much for this gathering of brilliant, heartfelt women; it’s really helped to inspire me more!

Maggie Munoz

To be honest, it was magic!

I really enjoyed the Summit; really worthwhile. I took a lot from it, I didn't see all the speakers, but the ones I saw were fantastic - Thank you so much. Not sure what I would do to improve it; to be honest, it was magic! Thank you for introducing me to new thoughts and mindsets and interesting, inspirational women.

Angela Mc Willams

Confidence Week - 7th - 11th November

Wellness Week - 14th - 18th November

Over +100 women attended the last Summit

Find out what our past Summit attendees have to say about their experience.

A huge heartfelt thank you!

I couldn't agree more! A huge heartfelt thank you for bringing together this wonderful varied group of inspiring women. Each of you has such a valuable story. And it's just sooo empowering to see you all support one another so much.

Kelly Thompson

Very inspiring and helpful talks!

Thank you so much! Very inspiring and helpful talks!

Anneli Soodla

I have taken so much away from this summit!

What a fab month! I have taken so much away from this summit, thank you to all the speakers, and to you, Gaëlle.

Sarah Collins